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Sunday 13 December 2015

Home built IR Remote receiver or Demodulator using Phototransistor - working with Arduino Due

My IR receiver module from Banggood bangged after first run - it just ceased working. The next new one will come a months later, but the show must go on....

So thought of trying custom built temporary IR Receiver Demodulator module using available photo-transistor BPW 77NB and standard NPN amplifier transistor PN2222A. 
Note that in circuit diagram i have shown LEDs connected to pin 5,6,7 only, but practically i have connected one more bi-color LED to pin 3 and 4. This was just as fun for my kid.

And to my surprise it worked :)

Final sketch is given below or is available on my GitHub page here.. 

Currently, the range of IR receiving was only upto 12-15 inches, may be by fine tuning the gain of amplifier transistor or photodetector, it can be increased. I am not an electronics engg... no idea how to do it. Any ideas or suggestions are most welcomed. 

Till then... have fun.... the show must go on... :)

-Original Library from -
-Initial circuit of BPW77NB from-
-Sketch modified by Electromania Dec 2015 

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