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Monday 23 November 2015

Arduino Due and OLED Display using Adafruit library in SPI mode

Getting started with 0.96 Inch 128x64 White SPI OLED Display Module fusing Adafruit library on Arduino Due.

Thanks to 32bit microcontroller of Arduino Due, the rendering of animation is superfast, compared to previous 8bit Arduino board versions.

Sketch/Code is available on my GitHub page here

Adafruit library:

//I used following pin connections, you can use any other free pins of your board but make sure to use same pin numbering while calling the constructor in main code.
// 13 - SCL     or  OLED_CLK
// 11 - SDA    or  OLED_MOSI  
// 8  - RES      or  OLED_RESET
// 7  - DC        or  OLED_DC  
// 10 - keep open

Display purchased from
Note-I do not get any royalty from above links and purchases you do.

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