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Sunday 29 November 2015

ESP8266 ESP-12E nodemcu 1.0 SPI OLED Display 128x64 on using U8Glib with esplorer a Non-Arduino IDE

After several days of struggle...finally managed to get 4pin SPI OLED display running on ESP8266  ESP-12E nodemcu 1.0 dev. kit, using esplorer, a Non-Arduino IDE.

The beginning of fun with powerful ESP8266  ESP-12E nodemcu 1.0 Wifi dev kit.

Please note, the display arrived with pin markings that are different than those shown on their website.

 Pin connections between ESP8266-12E  and SPI OLED display
     -- D3 pin of ESP to RES pin of Display
     -- D4 pin of ESP to DC pin of Display
     -- D5 pin of ESP to SCL pin of Display  Hardware SPI CLK  = GPIO14
     -- D7 pin of ESP to SDA pin of Display  Hardware SPI MOSI = GPIO13

--** Same pin out can be used to run the default U8Glib library graphics code available here.

ESP8266 ESP-12 Nodemcu dev kit V 1.0- 

Display- 0.96 inch 4 pin SPI OLED display with 64x128 resolution

Note- I dont get any royalty from banggood for these projects, I mention this because it makes easy for you all to understand exactly which make electronic device I am using and how to make it work :). I noticed every make has different pin markings.

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